BBCRM Do Not Text Documentation


The BBCRM Do Not Text customization is intended to be easy to use and self-explanatory.

This document provides details on behaviors that may not be immediately apparent.

Check out the Brochure (PDF) for an even higher-level summary.

Installation and Configuration

Watch a video of the installation here

Once you've purchased the customization, unzip the downloaded file.

Inside, you will find a bbappfx folder, and under that, more folders with the same file structure as your Blackbaud CRM server.

Simply copy the \bbappfx\ folder to your server.

Then, log into BBCRM and navigate to Administration>Application>Catalog Browser. Once you are there, filter for a type of "Package" and an author of "Styons Software".

Load the BBCRM Do Not Text package.

To register your product, go to Administration>SSC License Keys. Enter your license key and click "Save". Now the product is fully installed.

Code Table Management

The customization includes a 'Do Not Text Reason' field. That field is pulled from a custom code table.

To manage the values in that table, navigate to Administration>Code Tables.

Filter for a Category of 'Constituent'.

Locate the 'Do Not Text Reason' entry and click on the blue hyperlink.

Add, remove, or edit the entries until they meet the needs of your organization.